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Cornish crab is simply delicious! We source our crab directly from small inshore boats that fish the clear blue waters around the Cornish coast and cook it here onsite. The whole crab will be cooked and cleaned for you and will weigh in at around 1 kg. If you do take it whole make sure you have the tools to deal with it - if not we have the utensils that will do just the job. We work closely with skippers like Ian of the Three Jays in Newquay, providing the boats with our filleting waste and taking direct delivery of their shellfish. This wonderful fish makes an excellent centre-piece for any seafood feast.

Whole Cornish Brown Crab

Whole Cornish Brown Crab

From £12.00 Per Kg
Lobster Crackers

Lobster Crackers

From £15.00 Per Pair
Cocktail Claws

Cocktail Crab Claws

From £16.00 Per Tray
Cooked Crab Claws

Cooked Crab Claws (Fresh)

From £32.00 Per Kg
Large Dressed Crab

Large Dressed Crab

From £11.00 Per Portion
Small Dressed Crab

Small Dressed Crab

From £9.00 Per Portion
Dressed to Impress Crab

Dressed to Impress Crab

From £8.50 Per Portion

Singapore Crab Claws

From £17.00 Per Item
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Crab Articles

How to store, prepare and cook live Crab

As we handle live crab on a daily basis, we tend to forget that many people have no idea how to handle them. This page is intended to be a brief guide for the uninitiated.

Sustainable Cornish Crabs

Cornish Brown Crab stocks are healthy, and all of the crab that we source is pot-caught, which is one of the most sustainable methods of fishing. It is both low impact and very selective, and it allows for undersized and berried females to be returned to the water unharmed.

What Seafood is high in Protein?

Calling all health-heroes, foodies, fitness-freaks and people who love blogs with facts in them. We have crunched the numbers, researched data, looked at spreadsheets and even hired a fish-whisperer to ask the fish themselves to find out which ones are the highest in protein. Of course, our history and expertise within the seafood industry also helps a lot but we thought best leave nothing to chance.

5 ways to cook perfect Seafood

It’s one of our biggest distractions here at FFT HQ – deciding how to cook and serve what we love the most… seafood! Should I make a fish pie? Perhaps a simple, grilled fillet with crusty bread and salad? Maybe a hearty stew? There’s endless ways to prepare and enjoy seafood so we’ve compiled 5 of our favourite techniques which guarantee amazing results – however you choose to eat it!

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Customer reviews

Dear FFT, you have a new fan!

Thank you. Had two orders last week. One for me and the other was a birthday present for my cousin Pamela. She called me to tell me that the crab was the sweetest most succulent she had ever eaten! Phoned the next day to say the same about the kippers and  then sent pictures on Facebook to show the fish which she had cooked with  black butter!

Keith Brown, Essex

Top marks!

You are probably aware that I am in receipt of my fish order from you. Really impressed by the way everything was beautifully packed. Looking forward to sampling the Dressed Crab and Cocktail Claws, and of course the Provencal Fish Stew. Thank you.

Agnes Mahoney, Essex