Buy Frozen Fish Online


Is buying frozen fish healthy?

As long as the fish is frozen properly, the health benefits are the same as you can enjoy with fresh fish.

What do we mean by frozen properly?

There are 4 things to take into account:

  1. The fish must still be very fresh when it is frozen.
  2. It is best to freeze it quickly, so avoid putting lots of fish into the freezer at the same time.
  3. The fish must be completely covered with no air around it whilst in the freezer to avoid freezer burn and drying out which will ruin it. We vac pack our fish, but cling film can work just as well.
  4. The general advice is that you can store fish frozen in a domestic freezer for 3 - 6 months. In our experience, as long as 1-3 are done well it will last over 12 months.

Is it OK to cook fish frozen?

You can cook fish from frozen,but would need to be careful to adjust the cook time to take account of this.

Certain cooking methods lend themselves well to cooking from frozen including : baking, steaming and poaching.

We do not recommend pan-frying of deep frying fish from frozen - for these cooking methods you should slowly defrost the fish and dab it with a clean cloth to remove any excess moisture and then cook.

What is a good frozen fish to buy?

Most fish freeze well, and the impact on taste and texture is limited, provided it is frozen properly.

The other advantage of buying frozen fish is that it can be better value. With the frozen species we offer, our expert buyers will source greater quantities when the fish is plentiful and the prices favourable and prepare, portion and freeze it. We can then offer better and more consistent prices to you.

Fish that freeze particularly well include: