Cornish King Crab Claws 750g
Cornish King Crab Claws

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Cornish King Crab Claws 750g

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Cornish King Crab Claws (AKA spider crab)

This much undervalued shellfish hit the headlines in February this year, when fishermen down here in Cornwall rebranded the species as Cornish King crab – a far more deserving title than spider crab! They are packed with delicious meat, very similar to brown crab and some argue, even better, describing it as having a sweeter flavour and meatier texture.

Up until recently, 85% of Cornish King Crab caught in UK waters was exported to Spain, where it is as much-prized as a delicacy. Most of the meat is in the claws, so we thought this was a good place to start in offering this remarkable species to our customers. We’ve done all the careful cooking for you, so all you have to do is crack open the claws to get at the juicy meat, and enjoy however you like your crab. From pasta dishes to fancy sandwiches, Fruits de Mer to blinis, this really is an exquisite meat that deserves a place in the British kitchen. Better still, and perhaps the most significant reason why we want to try it out, is that this is a sustainable species if pot caught, which is of course the only type we sell. Populations are healthy, and the Wildlife Trust’s Cornwall Good Seafood Guide scores Cornish King crabs a 3/5 if pot-caught, making them a recommended species. So what are you waiting for?!

The claws will arrive frozen, pop them straight into the fridge to defrost fully before tucking in!

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Recipes & Cooking illustration

Recipes & Cooking

These delicious claws are great for parties. They are literally ready to go and we recommend you enjoy them with a sweet chilli dip. You can also use them in crab claw dishes if you would prefer someone else to do the cracking for you!

Customer reviews

Dear FFT, you have a new fan!

Thank you. Had two orders last week. One for me and the other was a birthday present for my cousin Pamela. She called me to tell me that the crab was the sweetest most succulent she had ever eaten! Phoned the next day to say the same about the kippers and  then sent pictures on Facebook to show the fish which she had cooked with  black butter!

Keith Brown, Essex

Top marks!

You are probably aware that I am in receipt of my fish order from you. Really impressed by the way everything was beautifully packed. Looking forward to sampling the Dressed Crab and Cocktail Claws, and of course the Provencal Fish Stew. Thank you.

Agnes Mahoney, Essex


Delighted to receive our combination box on time and it is always exciting to open it and to plan a few menus using the delicious sauces. Homemade fish pie tonight! Delighted to see that you are moving towards ready cooked meals and the crab bake was great for lunch for a single person. We will be repeating that order and I would have thought there was a big market for you in these products, particularly single portions for OAPs who want something to pop into the Aga. Freezer well stocked now!

Alan, Surrey