How can you tell if a crab is fresh?

Whole Crab are landed live, and stored for short periods either in storage pots in the sea or in vivier tanks of aerated seawater.

They are then humanely dispatched before being cooked, chilled and then picked for their delicious white and brown crab meat.

Once cooked, we give a 5 day shelf-life for Cooked Whole Crab and Cooked Crab Claws.

For fresh brown and white crab meat, we give 4 days from the picking date.

The key thing to look for with crab is smell and texture. Fresh crabs have a light smell of fish and the ocean, but if there is any hint of an ammonia-type smell it is not fresh.

The texture of fresh crab meat should be firm and flaky - if it is mushy then it is not fresh and should not be eaten. Truly fresh crab meat has a really sweet flavour and our Cornish Brown Crab and King Crab are world beaters!

We do not offer Live Crab as they do not travel well and it is vital they are cooked immediately after they are dispatched to ensure the freshness and best quality meat.

How much are crabs in the UK?

We source some of our whole crab directly from boats and we source our crab meat from specialist producers with their own fleet.

The prices of whole crab paid to the boats varies throughout the year, generally with lower prices in the late spring and throughout the summer and higher prices in the Autumn and Winter.

We offer a full range of crab products including: whole crab; crab claws; handpicked crab meat; dressed crab and a menu of crab dishes from our Seafood Kitchen.

Is fresh crab in season?

We are very fortunate to have a fleet around the Cornish coast that specialise in landing crab and lobsters and they fish year round. We only source ‘pot-caught’ fish - one of the most sustainable and lowest impact fishing methods. The fishery itself is very sustainable and is Recommended by the Cornwall Good Seafood Guide and Marine Stewardship Council.

Landings of crab are higher from late Spring and throughout the summer and are lower in the Autumn and Winter. This does affect the availability and price of certain products throughout the season.

Brown crabs, also known as edible crabs, or in Cornwall 'Pasty Crabs', are the nations favourite crustacean. The pasty shaped shell houses soft and flavoursome brown meat and the legs and claws are packed with the more delicate flavoured white meat. Crabs are at their best in the winter months but can be enjoyed all year round thanks to the sustainable nature of this fishery. There are loads of different ways to enjoy crab meat.. Check out these crab recipes!

Can crabs be eaten raw?

Very simply no - they must be cooked before the meat is eaten.

Apart from being very unpleasant to eat raw, it is also very likely to cause serious food poisoning if not cooked as Crabs can contain dangerous levels of bacteria and parasites.

All of our whole crab and crab products have been cooked.

What does crab taste like?

Brown crabs, also known as edible crabs, or in Cornwall 'Pasty Crabs', are certainly one of the nations favourite crustacean. And at Fish for Thought we firmly believe that Cornish Crab is the best in the world.

The pasty shaped shell houses soft, rich and flavoursome brown meat and the legs and claws are packed with the more delicate and sweetly flavoured white meat.