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Fish for Thought is a small Cornish family business. Our roots can be traced back many generations in Cornwall. Apparently one member of our family, Francis Trudgian, owned half of Cornwall back in the 1500's. Unfortunately he backed the wrong religion, lost the lot and ended up in The Tower of London!

My Grandfather was not a fisherman though, but a Clay Miner! Within the family we all share a deep love for Cornwall and a huge affinity with the sea (and the Clay Mines) and all that goes on in it and indeed on it. I have always had a passion for fishing, surfing and cooking and when an opportunity came up to relocate to Cornwall with my wife Lucy and our young family, none of us needed much persuading!

The idea of Fish for Thought was born out of some work done within the industry. It became clear to me that there was an opportunity to offer customers direct access to some of the finest seafood in the world, in a better way than was at the time on offer.

It is amazing to think that we have come through so much since starting out in May 2007. Looking back it may seem like an odd decision to start a new business in a competitive and challenging sector some 6 weeks before Northern Rock went belly up! (To be clear we were busy trying to sell fish and had no responsibility for that!)

At the time we didn't see it quite like that, but were massively excited about offering something different and better to customers who are truly committed to provenance, quality, sustainability and great service.

Life for Fish for Thought began with our 'plush' offices being delivered into a carpark beside our small area of shared space in a factory unit in Cornwall. When I say plush, what I really mean is a Portakabin, although to be fair we thought it was great. Day 1 for me was building the 2 desks and chairs for myself and the first person who joined me, Richard. As my wife, and frankly anyone who knows me would testify, DIY and building furniture is not my strongest point, and it took me a full day, with considerable frustration and a number of outbursts to get them right.

From these humble beginnings, supplying a small band of loyal local restaurants and hotels, Fish for Thought has grown and developed. We have passed a number of significant milestones and have found that our unwavering commitment to being the best at what we do and our open and honest approach has stood us in good stead.

We are proud of the steps we have taken so far on our journey including:

May 2007 Fish for Thought starts from scratch. Paul builds chairs & tables!
October 2008 Acquire Martins Seafresh - the first online seafood business
January 2010 Paul stars alongside The Hairy Bikers!
February 2010 Begin supplying directly into London
September 2010 Paul stars as a judge on Young Fishmonger of the Year!
November 2010 Operation move to State of the Art facility in Bodmin
April 2011 Started our own Handpicked Crab Operation
August 2011 Fish for Thought (well Lee actually, but Richard taught him everything he knew) wins Cornish Fishmonger of the Year!
November 2011 Fish for Thought wins Cornish Food Hero of the Year!

From Richard and I in an often rain-soaked Portakabin, with the two of sharing all tasks between us, to a great team of committed and capable people, we continue to shape our future. We are even more excited about the next steps and have some very exciting plans in the pipeline...........!

Our aim is simple - to bring you the finest fresh fish and seafood direct from Cornwall. We are committed to local, sustainable sourcing, working only with the best local fishermen and seafood suppliers. We guarantee everything we do and are confident you can't get fresher fish unless you catch it yourself!

If you like the sound of what we do and how we do it we would love to have the opportunity of working with you.

Kind regards,