The Ultimate Guide to Fish Sauce Recipes

Tartare Sauce (Mayonnaise Free)

Tartar sauce, a must-have condiment in fish and chip shops, complements a variety of dishes such as classic fish and chips, scrumptious scampi, delectable calamari, or crispy fried whitebait. Surprisingly simple to prepare, Tartar Sauce is typically crafted using mayonnaise. However, we have crafted a superb recipe without the use of mayo. Why not try your hand at making it?

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Parsley Fish Sauce

Parsley sauce, a timeless favourite, is commonly enjoyed alongside various seafood dishes, such as salmon and firm white fish. This straightforward fish sauce recipe requires just three ingredients, making it a perfect choice for a quick and easy midweek dinner featuring delectable fresh fish, delectable creamy mash, and nutritious broccoli.

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Why not try this fantastic Parsley sauce with fresh cod.

Mariniere Sauce

The classic Moules Marinière, this sauce is very quick, very simple and very delicious. Moules Marinière is a classic French dish that brings together fresh mussels with a flavourful broth bursting with herbs and garlic. The result is a plate full of plump and tender mussels, bathed in a savoury sauce that demands to be soaked up with a crusty baguette.

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White Wine Sauce

Our white wine sauce recipe is an adaptation of the essential veloute sauce. With the inclusion of peeled grapes and a hint of vermouth, you can effortlessly prepare the esteemed French dish, Sole Veronique. When paired with various fishes, this white wine sauce produces a delightful culinary experience. However, its versatility extends beyond seafood and complements pasta and chicken dishes with equal finesse.

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Fish Veloute

Velouté, is a classic sauce and regarded as one of the five "mother sauces". While it can be crafted using any white stock, the fish velouté variation specifically incorporates fish stock. Alongside fish, there are other versions such as veal velouté and chicken velouté. Although the sauce can certainly be utilised in its original form, it is commonly enhanced by introducing additional elements. These supplementary ingredients encompass a wide array including herbs, wine, cream, anchovies, shallots, sherry, brandy, mushrooms, and fennel, among others.

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Marie Rose

Served alongside plump and succulent prawns, or used as a delectable dip for crispy fish goujons, Marie Rose Sauce (also known as Cocktail Sauce, thanks to Fanny Cradock) became widely adored during the 1960s and 1970s with the rise of the iconic British prawn cocktail. Its popularity stands to this day, making for a delightful and easy choice for lunch, dinner, or a picnic on the go.

Why not add Prawns with Marie Rose sauce to a Jacket Potato.

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Beurre Blanc

This versatile emulsified sauce, made with butter, pairs perfectly with all types of seafood. Like the sauces mentioned earlier, Beurre Blanc Sauce can be customised with various flavours to enhance a dish. For instance, citrus, herbs, spices such as saffron, or even a hint of liqueur can be added.

Being incredibly adaptable, this sauce can elevate a range of dishes including pasta, steak, chicken, and of course, seafood. Though our bias lies with seafood, we highly encourage exploring its potential in other culinary creations.

Add lemon and capers and pair with salmon or with scallops as a starter.

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Hollandaise Sauce

The combination of Hollandaise sauce and new season asparagus creates a delightful appetiser, while when drizzled over eggs, salmon, and an English muffin, it transforms into a magnificent Eggs Royale. This sauce is highly versatile and can be paired with fish, steak, or vegetables to create delectable dishes.

The fear of making this sauce often discourages people from attempting it, as it has a tendency to split. However, the issue of splitting is not as daunting as it may seem. If the sauce becomes too cold and separates, simply heat the butter before incorporating more. In the event that it overheats and splits, just add an ice cube as a quick fix. Once you have perfected this recipe, you will find yourself wanting to prepare it for your friends on a regular basis, so do not hesitate to give it a try.

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Lobster Thermidor Sauce

Lobster Thermidor Sauce is a rich and indulgent sauce that is the perfect accompaniment to the delicately sweet and succulent lobster meat. The result is a luscious and decadent sauce that perfectly complements the tender lobster meat, creating a dish that is truly a feast for the senses. Whether enjoyed as a topping for grilled lobster tails or as a filling for a classic Lobster Thermidor dish, this sauce elevates the already delectable flavour of lobster to new heights.

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