Monkfish (Lophius piscatorius)

Landings of monkfish around the Cornish coast have been stable over recent years, although studies of stock levels are limited. The studies that have been carried out have shown that the stocks are healthy and increasing. Efforts to reduce quotas and a reduction in the overall European Fleet targeting monk are helping, and Cornwall’s small scale fishing fleet is working hard to further reduce impact on the environment.

Marine Protected Areas have been established and Cornish fishermen have played an important role, working with fisheries scientists to improve the selectivity of fishing gear and to establish Marine Protected Areas. The use of acoustic pingers on all Gill Nets outside the 6 mile limit is helping to reduce the accidental bycatch of cetaceans. The catch methods include: gill netting and demersal and beam trawling.

We care about the sustainability and well-being of the products we sell, so we invited Matt Slater from The Cornwall Good Seafood Guide to Newlyn Harbor where he and Paul discussed the importance of Sustainable Seafood such as Monkfish.

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