Sustainable Lobster (Homarus gammarus)

We are really proud of the provenance and quality of our Cornish lobster. We have close relationships with a small number of fishermen and many of them land directly to us. Not only that we provide them with bait for their pots in the form of our fish frames and waste. This is a real win win as it eliminates the need for us to dispose of our waste and provides our fishermen with free bait. The Cornish fishery not only provides the best lobster on this planet, but is also very well managed. The minimum landing size is larger than in other areas and we also benefit from the work done by the lobster hatchery in Padstow, helping to restock the area and ensure a strong long-term future. Lobsters are caught in pots, which is a really ecologically friendly way to catch seafood. They do very little damage to the seabed and they are very targeted in what they aim to catch with minimal by-catch. The fishermen are also very responsible in ensuring any undersized fish are returned to the sea alive. We are especially proud to be able to say that we have never and will never offer imported lobsters. Our competitors turn to this cheaper, smaller and inferior product when fishing gets difficult down here. Our response is to work harder with our local fishermen and keep in close contact with our customers. We are against flying these small cheap lobsters half-way across the world - it's cruel and unnecessary, and not good for the environment.