Sustainable Halibut

Harvesting began in 2007 and the company has been providing premium Atlantic Halibut to the market, week in week out since that time. The ethos of the farm is geared towards producing quality without compromise, rather than quantity, meaning that demand for these fabulous fish has always outstripped supply.


Sustainable Pollack

Pollack has in the past suffered from a let's just say a poor reputation. But the tide is turning as more and more people are trying it for themselves and deciding it is a delicious fish worthy of even the very finest restaurants!


Sustainable Haddock

Haddock is landed around the Cornish coast. They are a silvery grey colour with a black lateral line and a grey-black splodge just behind the gills. This is said to be the thumbprint of St Peter! The Haddock fisheries are showing good signs of recovery and the Cornish fishery is well managed.


Sustainable Seabream

Farmed bream is a good alternative to wild black bream when wild is not available.

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There’s Something Fishy Going on With Supermarket Seafood

Here at Fish for Thought, we live and breath freshness. We are passionate about what we do and
work hard to deliver the finest, freshest seafood to our customers. However, just because we are
experts, we don’t claim to have all the answers just yet - every day we are refining and improving
our process to take our service to the next level.

Sustainably caught mackerel

SEASPIRACY - A Few Words from Fish For Thought

A few words on the Netflix Film Seaspiracy from Fish For Thought