Let’s Hear it for the Buoys!

Let’s Hear it for the Buoys!

This June, it’s all about the DIY heroes, the taxi drivers, the man-flu survivors, the Kings of bad jokes and masters of the barbecue!

Fit with Fish - Health Benefits of Seafood for Men

Fit with Fish - Health Benefits of Seafood for Men

This June, we’re celebrating all the magnificent men in our lives… #LetsHearItForTheBuoys! We should all be enjoying at least two portions of seafood a week for optimum health, so let’s encourage all the fin-tastic fellas to becoming Seafoodie Heroes and reap the amazing health benefits of a diet rich in fish and shellfish.

Seafood on the Barbecue

Top 10 Tips for your Seafood Barbecue

A barbecue loaded with marinated fish and shellfish is a beautiful thing. There’s endless ways to grill seafood so we’ve spoken to our very own Chef Adam to find out his top tips for barbecuing. Read on, fire up the coals and get grilling. You can’t buy happiness BUT you can enjoy succulent, sensational barbecued seafood – and that’s kind of the same thing!

Cornish Crab at Fish for Thought

Is Crab good for you?

Crab is clawsome! Not only is it incredibly delicious, it has amazing health benefits too. We’re very proud to supply Cornish Crab - which we believe to be the best in the world – that is pot-caught around the clear blue waters off the coast of Cornwall. Let’s take a look at this super shellfish and why it’s a cracking addition to your diet!

Fish for Thought's Lobster on the Barbecue

A Guide to Lobster

One word for Cornish Lobster… wow! We are very proud to specialise in what is arguably the most prized seafood species on the planet. We ONLY supply native lobsters, the majority of which are landed in the clear Atlantic waters off the north and south coasts of Cornwall. If you’re wondering how to buy, prepare and enjoy the finest lobster available, you’re in the right place!

Fish for Thought's Matt and Paul with a giant monkfish!

Everything you need to know about Monkfish

It looks like a nightmare, tastes like a dream. Its nickname is the sea-devil, it has a huge spiny head and fang-like teeth. Any guesses yet? Come out from behind the sofa and embrace the wonder which is… monkfish. Yes, it looks pretty horrifying, but its gorgeous meaty texture and subtle sweetness will make this tasty terror your new favourite thing. Trust us!

Fresh Cornish Lobster at Fish for Thought

5 Lobster Tips and Tricks

Lobster – the shellfish superstar! It’s decadent, luxurious and worth every penny. We’ve compiled our top 5 tips and tricks to help you enjoy this incredible seafood in all its glory. So, sit back and impress your friends with our lobster hacks guaranteed to make it EVEN better.

A Fish for Thought Barbecue Feast

5 Genius Barbecue Hacks

A British summer is a wonderful thing! When it’s warm and the sky’s blue, 80% of the population rush to gather outside with friends and family to feast alfresco. You never know how long the sun will stick around, so cram as much fun and flavour as possible into every hour with our genius barbecue hacks, guaranteed to blow your mind!