Here at Fish for Thought, we live and breathe freshness. We are passionate about what we do and work hard to deliver the finest, freshest seafood to our customers. Our seafood is between 5-10 days fresher than the produce in the supermarket. This is because we cut out any middle men, sourcing what's in season directly from the fish markets and fishermen in Cornwall. We also source predominantly from dayboats, rather than huge trawlers which are at sea for anything between 6 and 10 days. As we always say, you can’t get fresher unless you catch it yourself!

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Reliability when you need it most Our supply chains are short and robust and therefore reliable. Unlike the supermarkets, our supply chain is not at the mercy of Brexit imports and lorry driver shortages. Who knows what this autumn/winter will bring, so don’t be met with empty shelves, price rises and no delivery slots when you need to put wholesome, nutritious food on the table.

Fewer food miles: more eco, more fresh In the supermarket supply chain, individual fish are handled multiple times along its journey, with each interaction impacting the quality and freshness of the product you ultimately receive. Usually, this handling comes as a result of repackaging as the fish moves between various one-use parcels, vastly increasing the amount of waste sent to landfill in addition to the sizable travel miles accumulated per fish.

Consequently, these lengthy transport times mean the fish are constantly defrosting and deteriorating in quality during their travels.

We source the vast majority of our fish directly from South Western markets and boats - processing it mere miles away from where it made land before shipping it straight to you. This approach has more in common with the processes of a top-quality restaurant than a typical fishmongers, streamlining our supply chain to avoid unnecessary wastage.

A resilient food system that works for all Sourcing directly benefits the fishing community, the environment and the consumer experience.

For our fishermen, fishing is not just a living, but a way of life, and they want to protect the fishery for the generations to come. We buy direct whenever possible, avoiding middlemen, and so ensure that the money goes back into the local community, keeping our countryside economies alive.

An ethical choice guaranteed We have curated a product range built upon ethics and sustainability. Our knowledgeable team has done the hard work and research for you, so you can pop seafood into your basket with the reassurance that it is sustainable and ethical. We take guidance on the species that we do sell from two independent wildlife charity bodies only - the MCS (Marine Conservation Society) and the Wildlife Trust's Cornwall Good Seafood Guide. We consider the species, catch method and provenance of every product we choose to sell.

Traceability & provenance The sheer scale of the supermarket chain means they buy fish in bulk from wholesalers.

The direct sourcing model we operate allows us to retain information on where your fish has come from, including the name of the market it was purchased at (in many cases down to the individual boat itself!) and which sustainable method was used to catch it. We’re aiming for an automated system that catalogues the boat every individual fish was purchased from - we can’t say we’ve ever seen Tesco buyers down at the market…

Convenient, hassle-free experience No queues, no masks, no hand gel and no empty shelves over here. Order fresh fish and seafood from the comfort of your home, tucked up in your dressing gown. Meal plan with ease with our handy recipes which make cooking seafood super easy and inspire you to mix up your weekly routine. Opt for our Dine At Home dishes, handmade by our chefs in our Seafood Kitchen, ready for you to finish off at home for a spectacular, restaurant-standard dinner in a flash.

We aim for complete, end to end sustainability - extending to how we parcel our fish, which we believe should be just as sustainable as the produce itself. All our packaging is fully recyclable, using cardboard and sheep’s wool pouches as opposed to harmful polystyrene, despite the extra costs. We will never prioritise profit over sustainability, even when that means having to innovate new ways to keep fish fresh in the name of retaining our values.

In a few clicks, we will speedily deliver to your door - the hardest part of the whole process for you will be choosing what to go for!