Chinese New Year Recipe Ideas

In 2024, we embrace the Year of the Dragon, a symbol of strength, abundance, and fortunate beginnings. On Saturday 10th February the traditional lunisolar Chinese calendar commences its annual cycle. While not all of us may partake in the festivities surrounding this significant occasion, many will joyfully indulge in delectable Asian cuisine inspired by the celebration.

steamed haddock

Steamed Fish

The customary Chinese New Year feasts often feature Dayu Darou, which refers to a bountiful meal highlighting animal proteins. In the case of fish, it is typically presented whole, prepared in a manner that aligns with the specific culinary traditions of the particular region in China where it is being enjoyed.

Here is our video showing you how to steam fish perfectly every time:

Why not try our Aromatic Steamed Haddock, Rice, Bok Choi and Fragrant Soy Dressing recipe, you can steam a whole Haddock rather than Haddock portions if you prefer. It’s a simple, healthy, yet mouth-watering dish full of flavour.

spring rolls

Spring Rolls

Spring rolls, also known as Chan Juan, derive their name from the Spring Festival (Chunjie), meaning ‘Chinese New Year’. These delightful rolls, golden and crunchy, are believed to represent bars of gold and are considered to bring wealth and prosperity for the upcoming year.

Although we don't possess a specific recipe for traditional spring rolls, we offer a tempting alternative – our irresistibly delicious lobster spring rolls. These miniature treasures are expertly crafted and filled with our renowned wild Cornish lobster, complemented by flavourful ingredients like beansprouts, ginger, coriander, garlic, and a hint of chilli.

noodle soup

Changshou Mian (Longevity Noodles)

The term "Changshaou Mian," when translated, means "long-life noodles" and they are commonly consumed during birthdays and Chinese New Year celebrations. These long noodles symbolise a prosperous and healthy life filled with happiness. While our collection of noodle recipes may be limited, we highly recommend giving our Spicy Prawn Noodle Soup a try. Crafted using sustainable prawns, this delightful recipe serves four.



Shrimp holds great significance during the New Year celebration, especially among the Cantonese community, due to its popularity as a dish. This delicacy not only represents "liveliness," but also conveys the notions of "happiness" and "good fortune." In Cantonese, the word for shrimp, "ha," resembles the sound of laughter.

We have a few other Asian inspired recipes and dishes to enjoy during the Lunar New Year so why not give them a try:

asian crab cakes

Asian Crab Cakes

Our highly sought-after Asian fish cakes are packed with the silky oriental flavours of coriander, ginger and lemongrass. Enjoy them as a delightful lunchtime treat, a satisfying starter, or as a delicious main course when accompanied by rice or noodles.

Brill with sesame prawn crust with steamed bok choi and lime and hoisin dressing

Brill with Sesame Prawn Crust

Our excellent Brill with sesame prawn crust with steamed bok choi and lime and hoisin dressing is a very simple but Brill recipe created by our Chef Adam.

Oriental Whiting Goujons with Gong Bao Sauce & Stir Fried Bok Choi

Oriental Whiting Goujons with Gong Bao Sauce & Stir~Fried Bok Choi

This hot & punchy is our Chef Adam’s interpretation of the classic dish from the Schezuan province.