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COOKING TIP: Whiting works really well as fish and chips, or breadcrumbed and pan-fried to make the base of a real fishfinger sandwich. In fact we dare you to try something different with whiting fillets - it works surprisingly well with stronger flavours.


We source fresh whiting from Cornish waters where it is landed to markets including Looe. The fish are quite small, but in our opinion are a great everyday fish.

These smaller fillets range from 50g to 100g each fillet and are offered as a fillet weight. The fillets will be scaled and pin boned.

If you ask us to skin and pin the fillet it will reduce the weight by about 5-10 %.

Whiting was delicious!

The lobster bisque was exquisite and I pan fried the whiting in a little butter and was equally delicious. Everything
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was so fresh and the flavours delicate and flesh flakey. Wonderful service and fantastic fish.

Paul, Shrewsbury

Whiting were stunning!

We have just had our first half of the Whiting Fillets. We rolled them in beaten eggs then coated them
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in home made bread crumbs seasoned with orange peel, fresh parsley and salt and pepper. We then fried them lightly at 4 minutes each side. They were stunning. Thank you so much for such lovely fresh fish. we still have another half left of fillets and look forward to having them soon. Even they were frozen by us they were so fresh and tasty, the best we have ever had.

Roy, Peterborough