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What do I do if something goes wrong?

Please, please ring the team on 01208 262202 as soon as you or email us at We obviously strive to ensure our customers are always thrilled with the seafood we supply. But we also know that mistakes can happen as fish and shellfish are, or were, living creatures, therefore it isn't always possible to predict where there could be a problem. Paul says:

"Shellfish in particular can be a problem at times. One of my customers mentioned that the batch of mussels she had received weren't as full as usual. I traced the batch back to its source and eventually identified the problem, but if the customer hadn't told me, I couldn't have sorted the problem out. Don't be too British: complain! We can only do something about it if we know about it. I firmly believe that complaints if they occur should be treated as an asset as it can save us losing a valuable and loyal customer without knowing it. We don't ever want to be complacent."