What we mean by Fresh Fish

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What do you mean by fresh fish?

Some less-than-scrupulous organisations have taken advantage of the lack of a legal definition of the term 'fresh'. It is legal to sell frozen bread, for example, which is then cooked, and call it fresh (you may have seen press coverage about this recently). Some have now taken to describing food as 'chilled' as a means of differentiating it from (maybe) frozen. Why not have a look at our page on choosing fish.

Our system here at Fish for Thought is very simple. We have a separate section for frozen products - and if a frozen product appears elsewhere, it is marked as 'previously frozen'.

So when we say fresh, we really mean it: it has never been frozen and it has not been hanging around in the back of a lorry or warehouse. Our fish comes to you as straight off the boat as it is possible for it to be. Where we have to buy from the local market, we buy on quality and not purely on price. Our collective years of experience lead us to be very selective over what is good enough for our customers- Only the best!