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Recipe List

Christmas/New Year Breakfast

This is a great way to start the day off and the great thing is that we do most of the hard work.
You will need to know how to scramble eggs though.
x Lobster, (cooked, split and cleaned)
Scrambled Eggs
x lemon
x cap full of Baileys
Loads of love
1. Crack the lobster claws and remove the meat from them. Take the tail meat out and cut all the meat into bite sized chunks. Replace the meat back in the shell.

2. Put a knob of butter on top of each half and set aside.

3. Place the lobster under a hot grill and scramble your eggs.

4. Just before you plate up add a cap full of Baileys to the scrambled eggs.

5. Plate up half a warm lobster and a slice of smoked salmon with the scrambled eggs.

6. Quick squeeze of lemon and you will be in the good books for the rest of the day.