Salmon articles

What to look for when buying fresh fish

This page is reproduced by kind permission of the Seafish Industry Authority. Fish can be sold whole or cut into fillets, steaks or cutlets. Most fishmongers and supermarkets will skin, clean, bone and fillet any fish for customers. It is convenient to classify fish as white, oil-rich or shellfish.

Facts about Freezing

Most people know that freezing is an excellent means of preserving many foods. In this post we provide you with useful information to help you make the most of frozen foods as part of a high quality, convenient and nutritious diet.

How to cook fresh fish

This has to be the most useful leaflet ever produced, and it is reproduced by kind permission of the Seafish Industry Authority. It gives a general guide to the cooking methods and timings for most fresh sea fish. Why not print this page.

Sustainable Salmon

All of our salmon are Freedom Foods Accredited through the RSPCA, so you can be confident in the welfare conditions and husbandry embraced by the farms we work with.

The Provenance and Sustainability of our Smoked Salmon

John Ross Junior produce some of the finest smoked salmon in the world. That should not come as a surprise, as they have been smoking fish for over 150 years! As well as supplying many of the world's finest hotels, restaurants and food halls, they are also the proud holder of The Royal Warrant.