Dover Sole Recipes

Lemon Sole is absolutely delicious, and If you think of a spectrum between Plaice and Dover Sole it would sit much closer to Dover Sole than its price might currently indicate.. It has a soft texture and mild flavours and can be cooked whole or as fillets working equally well both ways. Be careful not to overcook, especially when cooking fillets.

Dover Sole is a much loved fish, and rightly so! Many customers simply can not resist it once they have tried it.

For a relatively small flat fish, when compared to Turbot or Brill, it has a surprisingly firm texture and delicious flavours.

Some chefs in the past have developed strongly flavoured dishes that are unnecessary and mask the brilliant flavours Dover Sole can offer. It can be cooked whole or as fillets although we recommend taking it whole, pan ready and skinned.

Below are some of our favourite recipes for you to try - enjoy! All of these recipes would work equally well with similar flat fish including: Plaice; Brill; and Turbot.

If you have your own special recipe you would like to share with us please send it in (preferably with a photo) and we will add it to the site for everyone to enjoy. Every customer recipe will receive a special Fish for Thought Voucher.