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Dover Sole is undoubtedly one of the most highly prized fish landed and as such is something to savour on special occasions. It is well worth it though with a firm and velvety texture and delicious flavours. Chefs have long had this fish on their top menus, and now you can too!

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Sustainable Dover Sole

Thanks to this successful sole recovery plan, populations are healthy in our area and Dover sole is 'Recommended' on the Cornwall Good Seafood Guide.

How to fillet Flat Fish

This guide (with video) will show you how to easily fillet flat fish. Plaice is a beautiful fish with dark top skin and bright orange spots. It is great value and is one of the most popular flat fish. With this quick and easy to follow video guide you too can prepare a delicious fillet or two in no time under the guidance of our expert mongers!

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