Where does our Spider Crab come from?

"Fresh Crabs from Cornwall,
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Spider Crab (Maia squinado)

As the first online fishmonger to offer Spider Crab to our customers, it goes without saying that we love it. They are bright red and really spikey with long spidery legs. The meat is sweet and succulent and in Spain they are more highly regarded that lobster!

We are really proud of the provenance and quality of our Cornish Spider Crab and we love to see it sold in the UK rather than transported all over Europe. We have close relationships with a small number of fishermen and they land directly to us. Not only that, we provide them with bait for their pots in the form of our fish frames and waste. This is a real win win as it eliminates the need for us to dispose of our waste and provides our fishermen with free bait.

Cornish Spider Crab really is stunning, and very often the boats that land lobster and brown crab also land spider crab to us when in season.

Potting for these crabs, as with brown crab is an ecologically friendly way to catch seafood. They do very little damage to the seabed and they are very targeted in what they aim to catch with minimal by-catch. The fishermen are also very responsible in ensuring any undersized fish are returned to the sea alive and kicking.