Where does our Lemon Sole come from?

"Fresh Sole from Cornwall,
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Lemon Sole (Microstomus kitt)

Oddly enough Lemon Sole is neither a sole and only tastes of lemon if you squeeze some over it - by the way we recommend this! It is a member of the plaice family and actually looks more like a flounder.

The Cornish fishery has a self-regulated minimum size of 25 cm, and we only source form the South West markets. The species is not currently considered to be under pressure and as such is a great species to recommend.

It is usually landed using seine or trawl nets, and is quite often a bycatch. A number of day boats landing into Looe, where we usually source our Lemons, do target this species and land quite large volumes - we would argue these are the finest Lemon Sole you will get!