Where do our John Dory come from?

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John Dory (Zeus faber)

Most people consider the John Dory to be a flat fish, but it is in reality a round fish and swims around in an upright position. When head-on it is practically invisible and it uses this stealth to creep up on prey. It had a very specialised mouth that can extend very quickly and open very wide. It uses this to smash its prey and gobble them up in one mouthful.

Some say it is an ugly fish, but we think it is a thing of beauty with St Peters thumb print on each side and gold and bronze stripes down each side. It also boasts some truly impressive spiky fins, so be careful when handling whole fish.

They can be found around the British Atlantic coast, although they are most often landed in Devon and Cornwall.

Most often they are landed in trawl nets as a bycatch of other pelagic species including mackerel and bass. John Dory is fast growing and matures fairly young and is considered a good sustainable fish