Where does our Gurnard come from?

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Red Gurnard (Apitrigla cuculus)

We class Gurnard as a Mediterranean Fish, falling between oily and non-oily species

There are 3 types of gurnard landed off the South West coast: the red; the tub; and the grey. They are a truly stunning and quite unusual fish. Their colour can be a shocking bright red, and they have a beautiful pectoral fin that looks like a cross between a fan and a cloak. As well as using this like a paddle to move through the water, they also use them like feet when moving along the bottom. They are a fast-growing species and are landed in particular along the South Coast in Cornwall.

We tend to steer clear of the smaller less mature fish and whenever possible offer the larger fish.

Although relatively cheap as a whole fish, due to the large head and triangular body shape the yield can be quite low.