Where does our Dover Sole come from?

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Dover Sole (Solea solea)

The traditional Dover Sole has a colourful history. It got its name from the fact that Dover was where the London market used to source this much sought after species up to 200 hundred years ago. The local Channel Fleet is now based in Brixham and Plymouth, from where they fish the abundant waters off Berry Head, Start Point and the Lizard.

With the development of Beam Trawling in the 1960's landings went up significantly and this certainly had an impact on the sustainability of the species. In 2007, a long-term management plan was initiated with the full support of the south west fishing industry, aiming to deliver a fully sustainable fishery. The vessels time at sea is limited and controls are in place to manage landings.

The fishermen are also increasingly using gear that reduces benthic impact and minimises disguard.