Where does our Brill come from?

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Brill (Scophthalmus rhombus)

As its Latin name suggests this fish is shaped like a rhombus. The colour of the skin is slightly lighter and less rough than Turbot as it does not have the tubercules (hard, horn-like lumps) that Turbot does. Other than that, and the fact that Turbot tend to grow larger than Brill, they really are more similar than many would have you believe. They frequent the same habitats and have similar diets and in some cases interbreed. Only a few years ago the price difference was huge due to Turbots rock-star status. More and more Brill is getting its deserved recognition and prices are getting ever closer, although Brill remains a little cheaper!

As with other flat fish Brill start life as tiny fry upright and round with one eye on each side of the head. As they mature one eye migrates around to join the other on the left side. This enables the fish to be successful bottom feeders that they are. The dark top skin also provides fantastic camouflage for these fish.

The catch method is usually beam trawling which can be destructive, although increasingly boats in the South West are using rollers and benthic release panels to minimise seabed damage and reduce bycatch respectively.