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"Fresh Seafood from Cornwall,
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When you give your Mum a really special seafood gift from Cornwall, Fish for Thought will send her one too!

Here at Fish for Thought we love our Mum's (and wives, Grandma's, Nanna's and Aunties of course) and we all know we couldn't survive without all the amazing things they do for us throughout the year. Mother's Day is a great opportunity to say "thank you and I love you", and what better way of doing that than by treating your Mum to a selection of some of the finest seafood in the world from the beautiful seas around Cornwall.

You have so many different options with us and I guarantee whichever one you choose, your Mum will love it. If she doesn't you can tell my Mum!

Every Order that includes a Gift Message to Your Mum will get a special £10 voucher from us for your Mum to use on her next order!