Haddock Fillet Natural Smoked - Fresh Pin Boned Skin On

Haddock Fillet Natural Smoked - Fresh Pin Boned Skin On

From £7.00 Per Fillet

We work closely with a specialist smoker on the East Coast of England and their smoked haddock is absolutley delicious. We only offer naturally smoked haddock, which is gently smoked, using traditional wood buring methods. There are no vivid yellow dies involved, just lightly smoked sweet and succulent haddock. The haddock smoked is MSC Certified, and sourced from Norway and Iceland.

  • Each fillet weighs 300g (min) which is enough for 2 main course portions.

  • Souced from specialist smokers on the East Coast

  • MSC Certified Smoked Haddock

  • Healthy low fat source of protein and rich in Omega 3 oils

  • Delicious when added to a fish pie or used to make kedgeree

Recipes & Cooking illustration

Recipes & Cooking

Naturally smoked haddock is delicious and is as popular for an alternative breakfast as it is part of a fish pie. Why not try smoked haddock and poached egg or a traditional kedgeree for a healthy and delicious breakfast? Plus no fish pie should be produced without at least some smoked haddock involved - it's a gamechanger!

Health & Nutrition illustration

Health & Nutrition

Smoked haddock has all the benefits of haddock as a good source of Omega 3 oils and essential vitamins and minerals. It is important to appreciate that it does have quite a high salt content, and as such should be enjoyed as part of a balanced diet.

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