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Chunky Diced Fish and Spiced Fish Broth

From £12.00 Per Kit

Why not try our fresh new range of superior quality Fish & Sauce combinations? A fabulous product in which the elegant artistry of our filleters meets the painstaking excellence of our in-house Chefs, marrying our incredible range of sustainable fish and seafood with deliciously imaginative sauces, hand-crafted in our kitchen. Each combination kit includes a recipe suggestion card specifically tailored to the pairing you have chosen.

Kit Contains:

350g Chunky Diced Fish
400g Spiced Fish Broth
(Serves Two)

Sauce Ingredients: FISH Stock, Star Anise, Black Peppercorn, Ginger, Lemon Grass, Garlic, Fennel Seeds, Chilli, Lime Leaf, Rice WINE Vinegar, Coriander, FISH Stock Mix, Sweetcorn, Peas

Allergens Present : FISH, CELERY, & SULPHITES

Check out our Spicy Fish Broth Recipe Inspiration here:

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