Whelk Meat Frozen

Whelk Meat Frozen

From £18.00 Per Kg £18.00 per KG

Whelks are healthy and sustainable, and although less popular than they were in Victorian times, they are still a firm favourite for many, even if they are an acquired taste. These Whelks are responsibly sourced in the North Atlantic Ocean, using pots and traps. They have been cooked and individually quick frozen, so you can take out however many you want and defrost - they are ready to eat! Each bag contains 750g of whelk meat, after the protective ice is taken into account.

  • Pot and trap caught in the North Atlantic
  • Responsibly sourced and sustainable
  • Whelks are very low in fat, an excellent source of healthy Omega 3 oils and full of essential vitamins and minerals
  • These have been cooked and are ready to go, they lend themselves well to garlic butter, or a mignonette dressing

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