Scallops, Dive-Caught (Frozen)
Dive Caught scallops x 6

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Scallops, Dive-Caught (Frozen)

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Ethically sourced, dive-caught scallops - what more can we say!

Here at Fish for thought we took the decision some time ago that we would no longer sell scallops that had been sourced by dredging. It is one of the most indiscriminate and destructive fishing methods currently employed round our shores, decimating the seabed and therefore the complex, interdependent eco-systems on which the rich diversity of our marine life depends. * All the scallops that we now sell have been individually hand-plucked from the seabed, by discerning divers who are able to leave immature scallops undisturbed, thus ensuring that the beds are not overfished and the colony can thrive. This is totally sustainable fishing, with zero impact on the seabed and producing prime, plump scallops with high levels of Omega 3 Oils and packed with vital vitamins and minerals. Due to the costs involved in fishing this way and the superior nature of the product, these shellfish obviously command a considerably higher market price, but we think it is a price worth paying for such an ethically sourced and incredibly tasty treat! * Due to the necessarily sporadic nature of supply (Divers face even more weather constraints than regular fishermen) we take these wonderful shellfish whenever we can source them. We shuck them and immediately blast-freeze them in 1/2 dozens, so that we have enough stock to meet demand when we make them available to our customers. Scallops tend to freeze well, with the texture and flavour virtually unaffected if defrosted properly. The more slowly they defrost the better they will be, so leaving overnight in a refrigerator gives the best result.

Each pack will contain 6 scallop meats which is enough for 3 starter portions or 2 main courses, depending on your appetite * *

  • Ethically sourced
  • Hand Dived, totally sustainable and no impact on the seabed
  • Super-healthy as a very lean protein, with high levels of Omega 3 Oils and packed with vital vitamins and minerals
  • Delicious seared in a pan on high heat for just 2 minutes each side and served simply - sweet & succulent.

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