Dive Caught scallops x 6

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Scallops, Dive-Caught (Frozen)

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Ethically sourced, dive-caught scallops - what more can we say! We feel very lucky to be working with a fantastic group of divers, working off Falmouth Bay. They share our passion for sustainable seafood and work very hard to source this incredible shellfish. Because the diving season covers the spring and the early part of the summer, we freeze some of the catch so that we are able to offer them to you later in the year. Scallops tend to freeze well, with the texture and flavour virtually unaffected if defrosted properly. The more slowly they defrost the better they will be, so leaving overnight in a refrigerator gives the best result. Each pack will contain 6 scallop meats which is enough for 3 starter portions or 2 main courses, depending on your appetite.

  • Ethically sourced from a fantastic group of divers, working off Falmouth Bay
  • Hand Dived, totally sustainable and no impact on the seabed
  • Super-healthy as a very lean protein, with high levels of Omega 3 Oils and packed with vital vitamins and minerals
  • Delicious seared in a pan on high heat for just 2 minutes each side and served simply - sweet & succulent.

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