Oysters & Mignonette

Oysters & Mignonette Dressing Kit

From £13.00 Per Box £13.00 per KG

Wasn't it Shakespeare who wrote "If Oysters be the food of love - crack on!" ? Or something like that, anyway. He knew a thing or two about oysters, old Bill the Bard. These delectable, delicate "kisses o' the Ocean" were apparently a favourite snack of your typical Elizabethan theatre-goer, along with Cockles and Whelks - I suppose the shells could be used as handy missiles if the entertainment wasn't up to scratch. "The world is mine Oyster..." - that's one of Shakespeare's, although he did go on to suggest opening it with a sword! Absolutely NOT what we would recommend. Who knows how lyrical he might have waxed about this humble mollusc, had he tasted it with Chef Adam's fabulous Mignonette Dressing. Here's your opportunity to see what he would have missed - Half-a-dozen Porthilly Oysters plus a 120g pouch of Mignonette Dressing. All the potential comedy of shucking them, the romance of the meal and the tragedy of an empty plate. All life is here. Shakespeare would have approved.

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