Cornish Beef, Crab & Lobster Barbecue Box - Serves 4-6
beef crab lobster

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Cornish Beef, Crab & Lobster Barbecue Box - Serves 4-6

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A very special combination of delicious surf and turf dishes from Cornwall. A stunning 21-day-hung piece of Red Ruby beef sirloin, from local farmer James Kittow's award-winning Kilhallon Farm herd, takes centre stage alongside our three of our legendary pot-caught lobsters from Cornwall’s glorious coast. The beef has been marinated with treacle and black garlic from Dorset, an extraordinary ingredient that brings a truffle-like, umami flavour. Not to be outshone, the lobsters get special treatment too. Our chefs have also hand-made a batch of Café de Paris butter – famed for its 25-item list of ingredients – to elevate the lobsters' delicate flavour with the perfect balance of butteriness and herbs. The crab claws are au naturel and sing of the sea on their own – just warm on the grill or serve cold for a pure Cornish seafood experience. You will also receive three very special side dishes to complement your spread. First up is our Charred Sweetcorn & Chilli Salad, bursting with summery notes from smoked paprika, chilli and lime. Our Spanish-Style Warm Potato Salad is a moreish dish packed with chorizo, roast peppers, tomato and sweet shallots, while our Sweet Pickled Veg, with its cucumber, fennel, shallots and carrot in white wine vinegar provides the ideal foil to the decadence of all that perfectly pitched surf and turf. As ever, we’ve done most of the prep and cooking for you, so you just need to get your BBQ good and hot to finish these dishes and serve – full instructions provided. So what are you waiting for? Shake out those tablecloths, pour the rosé and get outside! You will receive: * 1kg Red Ruby Sirloin in Black Garlic & Treacle Marinade * 3 x 400g Cornish Lobsters, Cooked, Split & Cleaned * 250g pack Cocktail Crab Claws * 150g Café de Paris Butter * 800g pouch Spanish-Style warm Potato Salad * 450g pouch Sweet Pickled Veg * 450g pouch Charred Sweetcorn & Chilli Salad

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Recipes & Cooking illustration

Recipes & Cooking

**BBQ instructions. 1st job - pre heat the BBQ. All timings are based on a medium to high heat for cooking around 200°c** **1 x 1kg Ruby Ruby Sirloin in Black Garlic & Treacle Marinade** **To Prepare: ** 1. Remove the Sirloin from the vacuum pack, keeping as much of the marinade as possible (you will be using this to baste your meat through the cooking process) 2. Grill the sirloin for around 12 – 15 minutes on each of the 4 sides over the grill - you are looking for a core temperature of 55°c for a good medium rare. Cook a little longer if you prefer medium or medium to well done. Once this is achieved, rest the meat in a warm place for 15-20 minutes for the meat to relax. **Note:** BBQ’s can vary and as such the heat attained may be different. Check - if each side has caramelised nicely then you could move to a cooler part of your grill until the temperature is achieved **Lobsters with Café de Paris Butter** **To Prepare:** 1. Lightly oil the halves of lobster then place them flesh side down onto the grill for 6-8 minutes. 2. Next, turn the lobsters flesh side up and finish cooking them for another 4 minutes - during this time you will need to add your Café de Paris butter. Simply slice a disc (around 25g per half lobster should be fine) from the roll in the pack and place it onto the flesh of the lobster until it melts. 3. Carefully transfer to a warmed serving dish or platter and enjoy! **1 x 250g pack Cocktail Crab Claws** **To Prepare:** These beauties can be enjoyed hot or cold depending on preference. If you would like to enjoy these hot, simply oil the claws and grill very quickly over direct heat for a couple of minutes. Take care when diving in, the shells may be hot! **Sides:** **Sweet Pickled Veg / Charred Sweetcorn & Chilli Salad** To Prepare: Open the pouches and transfer to suitable individual serving dishes – serve cold. **Spanish-style warm Potato** To Prepare: Open the pouch and transfer the contents into a suitable openable dish or tray. Heat directly on the grill for 6-8 minutes or until the juices are bubbling, Mix, serve and enjoy.
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Sustainability & Provenance

We are really proud of the provenance and quality of our Cornish lobster. We have close relationships with a small number of fishermen and many of them land directly to us. Not only that we provide them with bait for their pots in the form of our fish frames and waste. This is a real win win as it eliminates the need for us to dispose of our waste and provides our fishermen with free bait. [Read more](

Customer reviews

The Best Lobsters

As ever, everything arrived OK thanks and we’ve just eaten the lobsters (a Valentine’s treat for my wife – oh all right, for me too!). The substitution of Turbot in place of the Brill I ordered, which was unavailable, was fine and much appreciated. Thanks for that. Finally, as I’ve said before, your new packaging is a huge improvement and makes the whole process much easier at the receiving end. I keep mentioning FFT to family and friends so I hope you get some more sales from them.

Roger Sugden, Surrey

Freshness of the Sea

Hi Paul & Team Thank you all so much for the Valentines Hamper Special! It arrived: on time, in perfect condition and filled the kitchen with the freshness of the sea! We enjoyed it all but especially the beautiful impressive lobster - most flavoursome we've ever eaten this side of the Tamar! A real delicious treat and terrific surprise for my husband Alan! All the best to you and hope these storms abate soon and are not causing you too much havoc! Saw pictures of Fore Street, Fowey flooded!

Gilly Perrett, Teddington


Delighted to receive our combination box on time and it is always exciting to open it and to plan a few menus using the delicious sauces. Homemade fish pie tonight! Delighted to see that you are moving towards ready cooked meals and the crab bake was great for lunch for a single person. We will be repeating that order and I would have thought there was a big market for you in these products, particularly single portions for OAPs who want something to pop into the Aga. Freezer well stocked now!

Alan, Surrey