Plaice Fillet (Portion)

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Plaice Fillet (Portion)

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Plaice is a great value flat fish, with a subtle flavour, that can be cooked and served in exactly the same manner as any of it's more expensive cousins. When very fresh and cooked simply, it has few rivals. It is a very sustainable option, with healthy stocks in Cornish waters being fished responsibly. We hand fillet and pack these fish, prior to blast freezing them for you. Each pack will contain enough fillets for 2 x 180g generous portions, which is enough for 2 main courses or 4-6 starters.

  • Landed daily across all the main south west markets, including Newlyn and Plymouth
  • Stocks in Cornwall are heathy and it is 'Recommended' by The Cornwall Good Seafood Guide
  • Good source of Omega 3 oils and contains plenty of minerals and vitamins
  • Fillets cook very quickly under the grill with a little oil, salt and pepper and a squeeze of lemon
Recipes & Cooking illustration

Recipes & Cooking

Skin on Plaice Fillets can be cooked very quickly, under a hot grill or pan-fried. As with many fish, it is better to let the fish do the talking and not overpower the natural flavours. The skin crisps up nicely and is very tasty!

Health & Nutrition illustration

Health & Nutrition

Plaice is a low calories, low fat great source of protein. It is also good source of iron and B vitamins, particularly B12, which is essential for a healthy nervous system and to metabolise protein and fat.

Sustainability illustration

Sustainability & Provenance

Most people know that freezing is an excellent means of preserving many foods. In this post we provide you with useful information to help you make the most of frozen foods as part of a high quality, convenient and nutritious diet. Read more

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Thank you for your email and to let you know that once again the fish is beautiful. I have tried the plaice, it was so fresh that it only took 8mins to cook. Thank you for the free salmon etc.

Joan Clarke, Kent

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