Wild Caught Red Tiger Prawns

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Wild-Caught Red Tiger Prawns, Raw, Peeled. (Frozen)

From £31.50 Per Pack £31.50 per KG

We have been searching assiduously for most of the year to find a sustainable wild tiger prawn for our customers and we believe that we've finally succeeded!

There is no doubt that our decision not to stock farmed tiger prawns from South East Asia was absolutely the right thing to do. The questionable farming practices employed by producers, the evidence of the decimation of the native mangrove swampland and the persistent rumours of slavery, don't make pretty reading if you are prepared to lift the veil of respectability that covers this very lucrative industry.

We have been overwhelmed by support for our stance from our customers, but it was clear that there was a feeling of sadness that the product was no longer available. A large plump tiger prawn sizzling on the barbecue or soaking in hoisin and garlic is, after all, an undeniably mouth-watering prospect.

We have at last discovered a superb wild red tiger prawn fishery in the cool waters of the South Atlantic. Well managed by the local fishing community, with no-catch zones in the spawning areas and quotas carefully controlled to ensure the sustainability of the species, the fishery is in the process of applying for MSC accreditation.

We are delighted to offer this fabulously tasty crustacean just in time for the festive season. A kilo (800g Nett Weight) of these scrumptious, raw peeled prawns will contain between 32-38 pieces.

This Frozen product is sold raw and will require cooking before it is eaten.

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