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Oysters & Mignonette Dressing Kit

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Wasn't it Shakespeare who wrote "If Oysters be the food of love - crack on!" ? Or something like that, anyway. He knew a thing or two about oysters, old Bill the Bard.
These delectable, delicate "kisses o' the Ocean" were apparently a favourite snack of your typical Elizabethan theatre-goer, along with Cockles and Whelks - I suppose the shells could be used as handy missiles if the entertainment wasn't up to scratch!

We present to you, 6 x Native Oysters plus a 120g pouch of Mignonette Dressing.

Oysters are best eaten within 2 days of receipt

Recipes & Cooking illustration

Recipes & Cooking

Here we show you how to store, shuck and enjoy Oysters:

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Sustainability & Provenance

The Porthilly Pacific Oysters we source are grown in the tidal waters of the stunning Camel Estuary, near Rock, on the North Cornish Coast.
Store oysters in a fridge at no lower than 4°C, cupped side down on a tray or plate and covered with a clean damp cloth. Eat within two days of receipt. Read more

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