Red Mullet (Whole Fish)

Red Mullet (Whole Fish)

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Red Mullet is both stunning and delicious, and is not mullet at all, but a member of the goatfish family. This tropical species can now be found across the Mediterranean and European Atlantic, and is a regular late Spring and early summer visitor to Cornish waters. Red Mullet are delicate and we look after them carefully, and they have quite high oil content which gives them a rich flavour. We scale and gut the whole fish for you (removing the guts helps keep the fish fresher), and in each pack you will receive either 2 larger fish or 4 medium fish with a total start weight of 600g. Each pack contains enough fish for 2 generous main course portions.

  • Red mullet are caught using specialised nets and are also caught in Cornish trawl fisheries
  • We source dayboat fish from Newlyn, Looe and Plymouth
  • 'Recommended' by the Cornwall Good Seafood Guide
  • Good source of protein and rich in Omega 3 oils, vitamins and minerals
  • Fish has a rich taste and lends itself well to Mediterranean flavours
Recipes & Cooking illustration

Recipes & Cooking

Red Mullet cooked on the bone is a thing of beauty. Stuffed with fennel and roasted on a bed of aromatic vegetables is a simple dish to die for. Smaller fish can be deepfried in tempura batter and served with a chilli sauce.

Health & Nutrition illustration

Health & Nutrition

Not only is Red Mullet delicious, but it is also very good for you. It is a good source of protein, rich in Omega 3 oils, vitamins and minerals.

Sustainability illustration

Sustainability & Provenance

This has to be the most useful leaflet ever produced, and it is reproduced by kind permission of the Seafish Industry Authority. It gives a general guide to the cooking methods and timings for most fresh sea fish. Why not print this page. Read more

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