Hake, Steak (Portion)

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Hake, Steak (Portion)

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Cornish Hake is highly recommended. Our Cornish fishery ensures that the fish is both healthy, versatile and delicious. We source large fish of between 3 and 5 kg and hand-cut lovely thick steaks across the bone. Each individual 220g steak can work as a starter for 2 or a generous main course for one.

  • Caught in the wild Atlantic by specialised gill-netters including The Ajax and The Govenak of Ladram and landed into Newlyn, Plymouth & Brixham
  • Recommended' by Cornwall Good Seafood Guide
  • More than 3 times the amount of Omega 3 oils as cod
  • Delicious, versatile and easy to cook fish and we recommend roasting these steaks, with garlic, thyme and a little butter.
Recipes & Cooking illustration

Recipes & Cooking

Even if you don't like bones, this dish still works. The fish is prepared as a steak, cut through the bone, and once the fish is cooked it can be removed easily. Cooking on the bone keeps moisture in and does add some additional flavour. Oil and season the fish and then caramalise one side on a pn, before roasting in a hot oven. Once cooked put back on the stove, add a little butter, garlic and thyme and baste the fish. Serve the fish and the sauce together with your favourite seasonal vegetables.

Health & Nutrition illustration

Health & Nutrition

Hake contains more than 3 x the levels of healthy Omega 3 oils than cod, with a staggering 1,218 mg per 140g portion. It is also one of the lowest-fat forms of protein and minerals. Eating lean white fish, such as hake, will keep you at the right weight, boost your immunity system and help your body convert food into energy!

Sustainability illustration

Sustainability & Provenance

Since the introduction of a Hake Recovery Plan in the late 1990s, fishing for Hake was strictly controlled and now, I am delighted to say, that stocks are far larger than they have been for many years. The recovery has been so marked, that in 2015 the Cornish Hake gill net fishery was certified as sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council Read more

Customer reviews

I'm a first time Customer and would like to say ...

Thank you for your email, and would like to give you our feedback from a first time customer. Our order arrived as promised before mid-day yesterday. And was packaged extremely well. We enjoyed both the thai fish soup and the salmon last night. The soup was fragrant and delicious. And was a nice size for the two of us. The salmon was to die for! So fresh and tasty, and we both loved the sauce that came with it. Tonight we are trying the lobster mac n' cheese with a nice dressed salad and crusty bread. Without trying it I know based on the produce that we have already eaten; that we will love it. We both wanted to thank you for the complimentary hake that you sent us. Ive already been looking up recipe ideas and have come up with a simple butter and herb sauce to accompany it. Being a couple who would much rather eat a fish dish, than a meat dish we are very happy to have found your company, and will ordering again. I have my eye on one of your boxes to try next.

Nicola Moore, St Austell

Beautiful Hake

Morning - just wanted to pay you the highest compliments on the outstanding quality of the fish we received from you last week in our first order. We haven't got through it all yet of course, but the hake fillet especially was just wonderful. I'd managed to forget just how good top quality hake is, but yours absolutely hit the mark - large fish, pristinely fresh and with that characteristically sweet flavour which distinguishes hake from cod. We'll certainly be ordering again - thanks very much

David Hughes, Cumbria

Tuscan Bean Stew

Thanks for arranging the Saturday delivery for me,it turned up all ok. Had our first recipe last night,the chunky Diced Fish with Tuscan bean stew,excellent. We are looking forward to eating the other two meals. Once again thank you for all your help.

Colin Mabet, Wallington

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