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Chalk Stream Trout fillet

From £11.00 Per Pack of 2 £34.38 per KG

We are delighted to be able to offer our customers this gorgeous product from a company that exemplify all that is good about British aquaculture, Chalkstream Farms.

The quality of the Trout produced at ChalkStream® is directly related to the quality of the water and the high flow rates of the farms, described thus by Simon Cooper of 'The Field' (author of Life of a Chalkstream) “Each winter, the rain falls high on the sheep-grazed downs then seeps into the chalk seam hundreds of feet below the ground. Filtered, purified and chilled, the water emerges months later to form such famous rivers as the Test and Itchen. The closest thing to heaven on earth for rearing trout.”

Similar to terroir in wine, it is the pure chalkstream water that gives an exceptionally lean, athletic fish with a unique fresh, clean taste. Slow-grown over 2 years in the same conditions as a wild trout from the Test and Itchen, ChalkStream® produce firm, well-muscled, large trout low in fat.

ChalkStream® farms are fully segregated systems, minimising the impact on the unique chalk stream environments of the main rivers. The outflow from the farms passes through specially designed settling channels to remove waste and ensure the water returns to the river in the same class A rated condition. The Test and Itchen Rivers are two of the most highly monitored rivers in the UK and the farm outflows are subject to a constant testing regime by the Environment Agency to ensure water quality. In contrast to sea cage and loch reared fish, ChalkStream® has a proven low impact on the surrounding water environment. Perfect!

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