vannamei pacific king prawns

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British Vannamei Pacific King Prawns

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Fish for Thought are delighted to offer you this unique and incredibly eco-friendly product - Vannamei Pacific Saltwater King Prawns (Litopenaeus Vannamei), ethically and sustainably farmed right here in the UK! At last, a firm-textured sweet-tasting large prawn with green credentials to die for.

In 2017 We took the decision to cease offering warm water tiger prawns for sale on our website. We had become increasingly uncomfortable with the industry's links to alleged modern slavery practices, the practice of ablation (the removal of one eye from a breeding prawn to increase fertility), the irreparable damage to the coastal environment of the countries involved and the carbon footprint expanded by the transport of the product all the way from the far East.

A little while ago we were contact by a fabulously innovative English aquaculture company, who were building an inland, closed-loop ecosystem (the only one of its type in the UK) in which to grow saltwater king prawns. Food for the prawns is largely grown naturally within the system, which mimics the biological and physical processes used by nature to remove waste and oxygenate the water. Any supplemental nutrients required are drawn from sustainable and fully traceable sources.

The prawns are encouraged to mature naturally. The combination of high quality natural nourishment with the contained and pollutant-free nature of the aquaculture system, nullifies susceptibility to diseases among the stock, thus removing the need for any antibiotic treatment. Unlike their far Eastern counterparts, these prawns are antibiotic-free.

The production environment is designed to have a minimal carbon footprint, utilising solar energy and pursuing a robust water conservation policy, enhancing this great product's green reputation.

This product is sold Shell-On, Raw and Frozen.

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