Panko Breadcrumbs

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Panko is actually Japanese for breadcrumbs, and these are really fantastic. The bread is processed in such a way that the resulting panko looks like flakes rather than crumbs. The flakiness means a much broader surface area than regular breadcrumbs. What this means for your cooking is crispier coatings, crunchier toppings and lighter end-products.

Supplied in 200g packs

Recipes & Cooking illustration

Recipes & Cooking

The beauty of Panko breadcrumbs is that they absorb less oil than regular breadcrumbs.
Use it to coat home-made fish fingers, crab or fish cakes.

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Health & Nutrition

Ingredients: Wheat Flour (contains Gluten) (82%), Corn Starch, fully hydrogenated palm oil, modified tapioca, starch, salt, sugar, dry yeast

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