Gurnard Fillet with Ginger Sauce and Crab meat

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Gurnard Fillet with Ginger Sauce and Crab meat - Fish and Sauce Range

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Why not try our fresh new range of superior quality Fish & Sauce combinations? A fabulous product in which the elegant artistry of our filleters meets the painstaking excellence of our in-house Chefs, marrying our incredible range of sustainable fish and seafood with deliciously imaginative sauces, hand-crafted in our kitchen. Each combination kit includes a recipe suggestion card specifically tailored to the pairing you have chosen.

This kit contains the elements to make one of the world's great salad dishes - Not a limp lettuce person? - then try these firm textured fillets of Cornish Gurnard with this mouth-wateringly different salad, bursting with a myriad of flavours.

Kit Contains:
160g Gurnard Fillet portions x 2
120g pouch of Ginger Sauce
25g White Crab Meat
25g Brown crab Meat
(Serves Two)

Sauce Ingredients: Water, Root Ginger, THAI FISH SAUCE, Red Chilli, Garlic, SESAME OIL, LIGHT SOY SAUCE, Cornflour, salt.


Check out our 'Pan-Fried Cornish Gurnard, Crab Tabbouleh Salad & Ginger Sauce' Recipe for a little Inspiration here:

Customer reviews

Delicious Recipe Box

When I ordered the cod cakes I thought I was a bit nutty paying £8 a meal for them, but these were not supermarket fish cakes. Absolutely delicious, firm texture and held together well during cooking. The tomato sauce with them went really well too. I would never have thought of combining the two flavours. I'll order them again if Adam puts them on the menu. The Gurnard was also lovely. It cooks really well and is delicious. I think I read somewhere (maybe it was your information) that gurnard isn't a popular fish, but I have no idea why. I'd say it is my favourite. Maybe the name's a bit off-putting, given that gurning is a Lake District sport in which the winner is the one who can contort his face into the ugliest shape. The bouillabaise sauce was a perfect accompaniment and the carrot, parsnip and coriander mash made a refreshing change from potato mash and I'm going to nick that idea for my own meals. Sorry, Adam! So thanks for a lovely week of meals once again.

Allan Postgate, Worcs

Gurnard - who knew?!

We are looking forward to our gurnard tonight!  It's a fish I'd never tried until I started buying from you and it is now one of my wife's and my favourites. By the way, I really enjoyed Paul's personal video email about the new service. More fish, more meals and better value without all the veg etc. And less weight to transport around the country. A big thumbs up from us.

Alan Postgate, Worcs

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