Kippers (Smoked)
Kippers (Smoked)

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Kippers (Smoked)

From £7.00 Per Pair

Traditional Cornish oak smoked whole kippers, this is the real thing. A fixture on the great British breakfast menu, these plump, succulent fish are gently smoked over oak chips in a local Cornish smokehouse. And now you can get kippers online through our website!

The kippers for sale on our site are sourced from Tregida Ltd. A company run by Coralie and Jon Short, a husband and wife team who set up a smokery in Trelash, on the North Cornwall coast, in 2000. They built their first smoker by hand and initially produced a small variety of traditionally smoked products including Salmon and Mackerel.

The smokehouse has since gone from strength to strength, winning award after award for their artisan smoked products. They finally said goodbye to their homemade smoker, which could no longer cope with the increasing demand and purchased a Ness smoker with a much larger capacity. Coralie and Jon have recently installed a wind turbine at the Smokehouse which now provides nearly all of the power needed to run the giant smokers and all the other electrical equipment.

When you buy kippers online from us they will be:

  • Packed in pairs, each pack contains two fish (Approx 400g per pack) split and ready to pop under the grill.
  • Bursting with Omega 3 fatty acids
  • Expertly prepared and ready for the pan or grill

Discover more Kippers.

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Customer reviews

Dear FFT, you have a new fan!

Thank you. Had two orders last week. One for me and the other was a birthday present for my cousin Pamela. She called me to tell me that the crab was the sweetest most succulent she had ever eaten! Phoned the next day to say the same about the kippers and  then sent pictures on Facebook to show the fish which she had cooked with  black butter!

Keith Brown, Essex