Dover Sole, Pan Ready, (Frozen)
Dover Sole (Whole, Pan Ready)

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Dover Sole, Pan Ready, (Frozen)

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Dover sole is the 'king' among smaller flat fish. It is delicious, easy to cook and sustainable. It does fetch a hefty premium over other soles due to the high demand it garners. As a special treat we think it is absolutely worth it! Traditionally it is cooked on the bone, but it works very well off the bone too. This style is pan-ready, which means we will remove the head then trim and skin the fish before packing and blast freezing. One whole fish is enough for a sharing starter for 2 or a generous main course for 1. * Landed daily to markets like Plymouth, Newlyn & Brixham * Stocks off the South Coast of Cornwall (where we source) are sustainable and 'Recommended' by Cornwall Good Seafood Guide * One of the finest flat fish landed in the UK and an excellent source of Omega 3 oils with 644 mg per 100g of edible fish and packed with minerals and vitamins * Delicious when started in the pan to caramelise the dark side, and finished off roasting in the oven

Discover more Dover Sole.

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Recipes & Cooking illustration

Recipes & Cooking

Pan ready Dover sole, as you would expect can be cooked in a pan! We recommend you use a pan that can go in the oven too, as starting off on the hob and finishing the cooking in the oven is like a 'best of both worlds'. You get the caramelisation from the heat on the hob and can finish off the cooking in a hot oven. Cook with a little oil or butter then flip over and finish off in the oven. Serve with new potatoes, spinach and parsley butter.
Health & Nutrition illustration

Health & Nutrition

Dover sole is an excellent source of Omega 3 oils, containing 644 mg per 100g edible fish. It is also rich in vitamins including Niacin and B 12, and important minerals including phosphorous, magnesium and potassium.
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Sustainability & Provenance

Thanks to this successful sole recovery plan, populations are healthy in our area and Dover sole is 'Recommended' on the Cornwall Good Seafood Guide. [Read more](