Option B - Twice-Baked Crab Soufflé followed by Lobster with Pickled Fennel & Tarragon Mayonnaise
crab souffle and lobster

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Option B - Twice-Baked Crab Soufflé followed by Lobster with Pickled Fennel & Tarragon Mayonnaise

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A classic starter, these delicious soufflés are served in crab shells offering a fantastic bit of theatre for your table. Expect hand-picked Cornish white and brown crab meat, in a crab bisque bechamel soufflé base, paired with uplifting lemon zest and chives. They arrive frozen and ready to pop into the oven – just add the thermidor sauce and they will lightly rise to the occasion in just 25 minutes. The natural flavour and sweetness of our Cornish pot-caught lobster shines through with just light cooking, and is enhanced with the rich, aromatic tarragon mayonnaise, while the pickled fennel provides an interestingly tart contrast. Whether you decide to pop your lobster under the grill or perhaps cook it on the barbecue, we’ve taken the hard work out of the cooking by doing most of the prep for you, so that you can concentrate on relaxing and enjoying the glorious food! Serve the lobster warm and the accompaniments cold. You will receive: 1 x tray containing 2 x 100g crab soufflés (Frozen) 200g pouch of Themidor Sauce 2 x Crab Shells + 1 spare 1 x 8-900g Cornish Lobster, Cooked, Split & Cleaned 150g pouch Tarragon Mayonnaise 200g pouch Pickled Fennel 125g bag Mixed Salad Leaves Ingredients (Allergens in UPPER CASE): Twice Baked Cornish Crab Soufflé - CRAB (30%) (CRUSTACEA), EGG, Stock(FISH, Carrot, Onion, CELERY, Garlic, Fennel, Leek), CREAM, Parmesan CHEESE, MUSTARD (GLUTEN), Shallots, Wine (SULPHITES), Parsley, Lemon, LOBSTER (CRUSTACEA), Tomato, Peppercorns), Cayenne, Cognac (SULPHITES), Chives, Salt Thermidor Sauce - FISH Stock (Fish Bones, Carrot, Onion, CELERY, Garlic, Fennel, Leek, Herbs), CREAM, PARMESAN CHEESE, English MUSTARD (GLUTEN), Shallots, White Wine (SULPHITES), Parsley, Lemon Juice, Pepper, Salt. Tarragon Mayonnaise - MAYONNAISE (Rapeseed Oil, Water, EGG, Sugar, Vinegar, MUSTARD, Salt, Stabiliser (Xantham Gum, Guar Gum), Antioxidant(Calcium Disodium)), Dijon MUSTARD (SULPHITES), Tarragon, Lemon Juice, Garlic. Pickled Fennel - Fennel, White Wine Vinegar (SULPHITES), Sugar, Salt Nutritional Information: Crab Souffle per portion: * Energy **84kcal / 348kj** * Fat **5.3g** * Saturates **2.6g** * Carbs **3.4g** * Sugars **1.1g** * Protein **5.3g** * Salt **0.32g** Cornish Lobster with Tarragon Mayonnaise & Pickled Fennel per portion: * Energy **956kcal / 3995kj** * Fat **53.4g** * Saturates **4.1g** * Carbs **85.2g** * Sugars **84.7g** * Protein **25.0g** * Salt **2.62g**

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Recipes & Cooking illustration

Recipes & Cooking

CRAB SOUFFLE Method: * Allow the Thermidor Sauce to defrost. * Preheat your oven to 190C / Gas mark5 * Remove from the packaging and place the soufflés into the shells * Place on a baking tray * Pour the sauce over the soufflé and into the shell * Place into the centre of the oven for 28 mins * Serve piping hot * NOT suitable for microwave cooking LOBSTER Method: * Oil and season the lobster halves with salt and pepper. * Arrange the Lobster halves on the grill, shell side up, making sure that the lobster claws are positioned so that they heat through too. * When the lobster meat is clearly cooking - you’ll notice it hissing and bubbling - at about 5 minutes turn the halves over so the cut side is facing up. Cook for a further 1-2 minutes. * Wash and prepare the salad leaves * Serve the Lobster with the mayonnaise and pickled Fennel
Sustainability illustration

Sustainability & Provenance

We are really proud of the provenance and quality of our Cornish lobster. We have close relationships with a small number of fishermen and many of them land directly to us. Not only that we provide them with bait for their pots in the form of our fish frames and waste. This is a real win win as it eliminates the need for us to dispose of our waste and provides our fishermen with free bait. [Read more](https://www.fishforthought.co.uk/blog/sustainable-lobster)

Customer reviews

The Best Lobsters

As ever, everything arrived OK thanks and we’ve just eaten the lobsters (a Valentine’s treat for my wife – oh all right, for me too!). The substitution of Turbot in place of the Brill I ordered, which was unavailable, was fine and much appreciated. Thanks for that. Finally, as I’ve said before, your new packaging is a huge improvement and makes the whole process much easier at the receiving end. I keep mentioning FFT to family and friends so I hope you get some more sales from them.

Roger Sugden, Surrey

Our perfect meal

Thank you very much for the really wonderful lobsters that I found outside my door on Saturday morning.  They were delicious and a great hit with my guests in the evening!  I have never seen such big claws! We had some fun getting the hammer out to break into them.... Thank you for a perfect meal with special friends and the chance to celebrate in great, messy, style! Thank you for the freshness of the lobsters and for the very efficient delivery just on the day they were needed! Congratulations on a very good job, well delivered and well done.

Catherine Squires, Worcestershire

Wedding Anniversary Celebrations!

just thought I'd drop you a quick email to let you know our order arrived on Saturday morning. I opened the box and it smelled like Cornwall, the sea. The mussels were superb in the mariniere sauce and the lobster thermidor was fantastic! We were treating ourselves as it is our 26th wedding anniversary tomorrow and to be honest, we prefer to buy the very best ingredients and cook ourselves than go to a restaurant and be disappointed. We were delighted with the quality of the fish, as always.

Peter Hinchliffe, Hertfordshire