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Recipe List

You cannot beat sharing a bowl of steaming mussels with family and friends and it is easy.

For a classic moules all you need to do is the following: chop an onion and crush a couple of garlic cloves and heat them through in some melted butter in a pan (make sure it is big enough to comfortably hold the mussels you will be adding). Once the onions are transluscent add a couple of glasses of dry white wine, season with plenty of pepper and bring to the boil. Reduce only a little and thicken with a mix on butter and flour, by stirring it in. Throw in the mussels and put the lid on, stirring occasionally. Once the mussels start to open add cream and plenty of chopped coriander. Return to the heat for a couple more minutes and serve.

Make sure everyone gets plenty of the sauce with their mussels and serve with crusty bread and a fine white wine.

Below are some of our favourite recipes for you to try - enjoy!

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