"Fresh Crab from Cornwall,
delivered to your door!"

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Recipe List

Crab can be used in so many different ways -that's why we love it. From an extra special doorstop sandwich, to dressed crab salad to luxury crab cakes. What's your favourite dish?

Crab claws also work well en papiette (in foil parcels cooked in the oven) cracked with butter, lemon juice, pepper, thyme and a splash of white wine. Because we have cooked them already you only need to warm them through for 10 minutes in a hot oven.

Spider Crab can be treated in exactly the same way as brown crab, but we recommend you cook and serve the claws for an all-round fantastic dining experience. Get you crackers and picks and get stuck in.

Below are some of our favourite recipes for you to try - enjoy! Most of these dishes would also work well with Spider Crab.