"Fresh Brill from Cornwall,
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Recipe List

Offer Brill the same royal status as Turbot and it will not let you down - if you don't believe us buy one of each, cook them in exactly the same way and do the 'Brillbot Challenge'.

Brill is a really versatile fish and can be pan-fried, grilled or even baked whole. Do not over-do other flavours or you will spoil the experience and mask the lovely underlying flavours and textures that Brill offers.

You can cook it whole, filleted or in tranches (cross0sections cut across the whole body through the backbone). If you ever want to try a truly posh fish and chips try Brill with a light batter and minted pea puree!

Below are some of our favourite recipes for you to try - enjoy! All of these recipes would work equally well with similar flat fish including: Plaice; Dover Sole; Lemon Sole; and Turbot.

If you have your own special recipe you would like to share with us please send it in (preferably with a photo) and we will add it to the site for everyone to enjoy. Every customer recipe will receive a special Fish for Thought Voucher.