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Sharing Platter of Crab and Crevettes

Platter of Crab and Crevettes
This dish is just the thing for sharing with a group of friends. Simply arrange on a large platter with some, lemon mayo, and crusty bread and butter. Just pour the wine and away you go!
Credit for this wonderful crab feast must go to Vicky our crab picking goddess!
x Lemons (1 cut into wedges and 1 into slices)
x pack Peppery Mixed Leaves
x Cherry Plumb Tomatoes
A few sprigs of Flat Parsley
1. Start by defrosting the crevettes a day ahead and drain off any water.

2. Take a nice big serving platter and arrange a layer of leaves as a base.

3. Take the 3 dressed crabs and place on top of the leaves fluffing each one up with a fork.

4. Arrange the crab claws and crevettes around the edge of the platter.

5. Cut the tomatoes in half and mingle these amongst the seafood.

6. Garnish with some lemon wedges and picked parsley leaves.

7. I would recommend loosely covering with clingfilm and leaving for 20 minutes for the chill to come off the seafood before serving….if you can resist it for that long!

8. Now prepare a 6 finger bowls and add a slice of lemon and warm water to each.

9. Serve with a nicely chilled Chablis, lemon mayonnaise and some warm crusty bread and butter.