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Recipe List

Pan Roasted Cod with Sweet Balsamic Tomato Compote

x Cod Fillet, (weight after skinning and pin-boning)
x punnet plum cherry tomatoes
x a red onion diced
x garlic cloves crushed
x ml balsamic syrup
x ml white wine
Sweat the onion and garlic in a pan. Add the white wine and reduce by a third. Add the tomatoes and cook for two to four minutes until they start to stew. Add the balsamic syrup, salt and pepper to taste.

Put a separate pan on a medium heat and when the pan is hot, add oil and then the seasoned cod portions, then fry until the skin is crispy. Turn them over and put into the oven at 180 degrees for 4-6 minutes or until cooked.

Serve with the tomato syrup and fresh vegetables, or a crisp salad & Cornish new potatoes.