Oysters Guide

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Live oysters storage and preparation

Our oysters come from local supplier, Fowey Oyster Farm

How to store oysters

Store oysters in a fridge at no lower than 4°C, cupped side down on a tray or plate and covered with a clean damp cloth. Eat within two days of receipt.

Do not immerse in water

When required, rinse in cold water before use

Discard any not tightly closed

How to open

Place the oyster, cupped side down, on a firm surface. Hold in a cloth with the hinge of the shell towards you. Wriggle the blade of an oyster knife (or any short, strong, blunt knife) between the two shells, either at the hinge or on the right hand side.

Twist to open the shells slightly.

Run the blade along the inside of the upper shell to sever the top muscle. Discard the upper shell. Similarly run the blade under the oyster meat, cutting the lower muscle and freeing it from the lower shell.

If oysters are to be used in a cooked dish, they can be opened by brief steaming or in a microwave oven. Timing will depend on batch size and the power of the microwave oven. Use the minimum time to ease opening without starting to cook the oysters.